Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nothing but Mammals

Today I went to the zoo with one of my friends. The event was "date party" but not everyone brings actual dates. 
We weren't signed up for a group, so we joined one with my lovely friend Chris (male) in it. 
Chris and I have a long horrible history of hating each other and acting awful. Currently we're something like friends with benefits, and we have an agreement where he does nothing with girls unless I ok it and I do nothing with guys unless he oks it. 
At the zoo, his friend who invited him was pretty flirty. I didn't care until I noticed that HE was the one initiating everything, including holding her hand (interlocking fingers, guys) and walking with arms around each other. 
In my book, that's making a move, and I was mad about that for a couple reasons. 
1. I did not say it was ok, and he was doing it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.
2. He used to do that to me when we were dating. This either means that he wants to date this girl, or that what he did with me didn't mean anything. The latter makes me feel worse.

I feel betrayed. I just want to cry and lie in my bed and not talk to him.