Monday, September 1, 2014

Goals of the Week 4

I guess I kind of forgot about goals the previous week. But that’s ok, because the one I had was great! It was to get up at 7 AM every day. Ha, yeah right. However, the goal was helpful because it did make me get up at 7 SOME days, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I really need to rearrange my sleep schedule, because it’s really not conducive to attending classes or going to work on time.
My goal this week will be to not spend more than 7.29 on food each day. I choose this particular number because a smoothie and half salad costs 7.29 at tropical smoothie, and I really want smoothies. I also did my budget for the last two weeks and I spent over THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Granted, 100 of those were for CE credits, and another 70 went to things like strip clubs and movies, so I can easily eliminate that from my spending. But now I only have about 200 dollars for the entire month of September. So I have to cut it tight. And that means no more late night trips to the chocolate store when I get cravings.
In terms of behaviors, I’ve been doing really well! I haven’t purged for at least two weeks and even though I’ve overeaten a lot I wouldn’t say I’ve been bingeing too often.
How did you do on your goals? What are some new ones for this week?


  1. Lol oh, you know, cutting back on the strip clubs. You are not fitting the picture of the person I thought you were in my head haha. My goal is to not smoke. At this point the fate of my relationship is depending on it.

  2. Haha same with Eve. Something happened in those months we didn't hear from you, that's for sure. My goals are too...not be lazy with my classes because I already have assignments due. I also need to go grocery shopping. And to find a therapist. Let's see if I can do that.

  3. Lol I'm not the type to go to strip clubs! I went because my friend works at one. It was fun though. I didn't feel sleazy at all.

  4. Lol, I agree. Foursomes and strip clubs - who are you and what've you done with Emily? :P
    I didn't set any goals last week. This week I'm just going to try to keep myself distracted and not waste so much time staring into space.


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