Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Eating disorders are EXPENSIVE. If you binge and purge you have to go out and buy food (unless you steal it, but thankfully I haven’t done that yet). You have to buy makeup because every time you purge yours gets messed up. You have to buy scales. You have to buy the more expensive safe foods.
When I get a craving for chocolate, it can’t be hershey’s bars. Well, it could, but I would just end up buying the more expensive stuff as well because I HAVE to have it. It’s not a question of wanting, it’s a question of absolutely needing it to survive. I can’t do anything unless I have that chocolate. Unless I eat ten pastries in a row. And if I try to binge on Hershey bars when I want pastries I binge on Hershey bars and the craving is still there.
Yet another reason to get rid of the eating disorder.

Any other expenses I've missed?
update: Spent $4 on food today. One day down, six more to go! 


  1. It really is expensive, and then in turn, a waste of money as you "throw" it down the toilet. Stay strong hun.

  2. Also, perfume and toothpaste. When I used to binge and purge daily I would always brush my teeth and spray loads of perfume so no one would notice my vomit smell. Or gum, that was always a lifesaver for bad breath too.

    Hopefully you can kick it soon and start saving money <3

  3. I don't like calling females cunts but C. U. N. T. means Can't Understand Normal Thought

    Like most fat girls you are lazy and ego driven. Puking is easier than disciplines eating. You have two choices either accept your gluttony or end your gluttony.

    You should have a theme song like mine.
    Click to hear FAT Bastard's New Theme Song

  4. Oh god, I totally get you... Ever since I started binging and purging I've constantly had financial problems. I'd spend my money like crazy... mostly on binge foods... and laxatives and diet pills also.. Geez... with all that money I wasted in the past few years, I could actually buy a Chanel handbag!
    Even if it's not food-related items, I often find myself shopping impulsively.. Like, if I have money in my account (even if it's just a single dollar...lol), I just HAVE TO spend it on SOMETHING. Do you also have that problem?
    I really love to collect branded or designer things too...(terrible habit, i know. haha) which doesn't improve my problems at all...
    Stay strong sweetie!

  5. I have stolen food before. From my parents :( I don't do that anymore though, that was before, way before when I could go crazy and have like 4000 calories a day. Today was pretty crazy though I had like 2000 calories for a Chinese festival.
    Why do you have to buy scales (I mean, just one is enough)?
    Don't wear makeup ;)
    Hershey's bar is pretty expensive here - most everything is here.
    Good luck on your goal! :D


  6. You sure do save money on stuff like what you mention when you recover. Savings start to go up - you wear nicer cloths cause you can actually afford them.. It sure is worth it


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