Thursday, September 11, 2014

Grad School vs Undergrad

This year is my first year of grad school! Yaaay! 
And I've noticed several differences in the way I think and the way I live that I think would be useful to someone considering grad school.
I'm going to get my master's in social work, by the way. 

1. Grad school classes are all papers. In undergrad it was mostly rote learning, here you have to discuss discuss discuss
2. classes are 2-3 hours long. And once a week
3. You can't live on campus. You're on your own. 
4. Experience is a must. Meaning they make sure you get experience. It's just as important as the class work, which is way different than undergrad thinking. 
5. Every class is what you'll face in life. 
6. You get to go around knowing you're in grad school and feeling self-important.
7. Readings will kill you. You will drown in readings. No more life for you.

What are your experiences with school? 

Also, responding to a comment on a recent post: Yes, anyone can use anything from this blog! It's public, and I'm anonymous, so I don't care who sees it or if you steal something from it. The point of this blog is to help myself and be a resource if anything I learn helps anyone else. 

Another comment: #7 on my list is very true. Thus, I'm way behind on reading people's blogs and I might be behind for a while. I'll do it when I can but school comes first. 


  1. I would have to agree that there is a lot of reading but my papers aren't super frequent. Also, I enjoy school because it seems like it actually has a purpose now. It's also more thorough because in a few years they're gonna turn you loose on the world and that's scary. Besides that, I've noticed I feel older. There's just this definite difference from undergrad and now. It's good.

  2. not going to grad school, but senior year? third week in and it feels like the tenth week. Eating McD's and doing research methods homework, woooooo.

  3. Grad school sounds great. A little tough but great :) I hope you're enjoying it.
    I'm a sophomore at high school and things are busy - I'm taking my IGCSEs.



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