Monday, November 4, 2013

Goals of the Week 63

I'm going to forget about updating you on how I did this week, because you can bet it was not good. 

This week, my b/p goals are:
1. plan all my meals
2. write down everything I eat on this blog. 

breakfast: (5 pieces) bacon, milk, toast with butter, 2 eggs food groups: dairy, protein, starch, fat

lunch: 2 pieces pizza, 1 bowl of tomato soup, 1.5 pieces bread with butter, 1 cup orange juice, some milk with chocolate icing food groups: fat, veg, fat, starch, protein, fruit

And then I threw it up. 

Dinner: popcorn shrimp 
food group: protein

And my non b/p goal is:
To make daily goals. 

I've done these time and time again. But lately it's been hard to do anything that isn't eating. 

What are your goals?


  1. i find your food groups thing so nice. i'm a horrid girl because all i eat are carbs and fat and sugar (i'm not even joking. that's literally most of what i eat right there. the most protein i get is splashing milk into my coffee. today, though i've had fish because Mumsy actually COOKED for once! huh!)
    it's also been hard to do anything that isn't eating for me. that's why i've cut it up into pieces. i eat every 1-2 hours. like i basically snack on things all throughout the day and then have a big ass junk food fest at night. i eat at maintenance at the moment. my goals is to finish that stupid 30 Day Shred and to keep on exercising regularly as well as making notes for as many lectures as i can WITHOUT overdoing it. as well as going back into one of my arts as a hobby and reading. i need to stop doing nothing all day long. even reading is more productive than doing nothing all day long.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. My goals are to sticking to my LCHF plan, and to remind my self about where I want to be, and not what I want right now!

  3. I still love how you're doing food groups. Are you seeing the dietician again at any point?
    My goals are to cook dinner at least twice, sew a pair of track pants, and make it through the week. How exciting.
    I hope this week's better for you. Good luck with your goals xx

  4. My goal is to DO stuff! I have not felt like doing anything and I must force myself. So laundry, put away laundry, and make a big pot of soup. I will not binge anymore this week.

  5. Reading your weekly goals inspires me. I am terrible at writing goals. But I'm going to give it a try thanks to you.


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