Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Your Ex Says When he Finds Out You've been "Boinking" his Best Friend

For the record, I have not been "boinking" anyone. But I have been dating his best friend for about a month now. 

if there's any kind of half-way firm rules in the dating universe, it's you don't date your exes' close friends, and your close friends don't date your exes. Y

ou know who VOIDS those rules? slime

. scum. 



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  1. The rule in life is that there are no rules. You can not disregard a person just because that person knew/dated someone you know. I knew a woman who married her dead husbands best friend. You figure you both have similar tastes sowhy not? I mean you don't make out with the new guy in front of your ex, but that is just in good taste.


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