Friday, May 18, 2012

Reasons to Not Purge

1.     Tooth decay (caused from acid from vomiting)
2.     Heart problems
3.     Bloating- doesn’t this go completely against what I want to gain from purging?
4.     Tears in the throat, which is certainly not good for someone who likes to sing
5.     Heart attack
6.     Stomach rupture, which usually results in…
7.     Death
That being said, none of those reasons have been enough of a deterrent to purging for me to stop. I don’t want any of those things to happen, and I do worry about those things happening to me. Maybe it does keep my purging somewhat more in check than if I didn’t know about the potential side effects, but it would never serve as aversion therapy. 


The second image is one of a gastric rupture. 


  1. Shit, I already knew all of this, but looking at the pictures, its scary. I'm trying to stop, and you are my motivation. Reading your older posts, decided to do this 10min ago when a binge moment/feeling was on the way. So tonight your blog is my distraction :)

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