Monday, May 21, 2012

The Worst Week

This has been my worst week for a long time. I’ve binged and purged nearly every day this week, and usually multiple times a day. For me, this is a lot, since I can usually contain my urges for several days out of a week. I feel powerless to the urges of the disease. I don’t want to eat that tortilla slathered in peanut butter and chocolate, but I feel like I have to. No matter how much I try to reason with myself, the disease always wins out in the end, and it usually stuffs my face before I even get a chance to talk myself out of it.
I’m not sure what the worst week in my illness was. Maybe when I went on vacation and we only got prepared, calorific food that I felt I had to splurge on. It could have been the week during school where I bought a jar of peanut butter and nutella and three pasta meals and ate them all within two days. (I continued in this manner the rest of the week)
One thing I do know is that while I have not been binging on whole jars of peanut butter, this is the most days in a row I have binged and purged. 

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