Monday, June 25, 2012

Ode to Chocolate Cake

I think my biggest trigger food is chocolate cake. So I wrote a poem sort of describing the process my mind goes through when I'm tempted. 
It's not the best poem I've ever written, but it's the first one in a long time. 

Four years back you were my lover
And I don’t think I can recover
From your silky buttered skin
Crushing all my dreams of thin.
Each particle of cocoa screams
Made richer by the hidden creams.
They’re crying for my parting lips
To settle them upon my hips.
Chocolate cake makes up the skies
No other light could pierce my eyes
Except your icing rays of sun
Which take my senses, one by one.
How could I have ever hated
The only thing that keeps me sated?
Chocolate falls, a chocolate world
My chocolate flag is now unfurled.
We are one, dear chocolate cake
I’ll never make that old mistake
Of locking you outside my heart.
We could not survive apart.
I’ll take you now and again and again
And again and again and again and again
And again! I’ll never stop!
And who cares about the beauty shop?!

Chocolate cake? Are you there?

Pot bellies and thundering thighs
Are dragged away with tears and sighs.
The only thought is to rid the monstrosity
From my body with high velocity.
Even that can cure no woes
Since I can’t even see my toes.
I will never ever ever
For the rest of my forever
Allow even a tiny bite.

… at least until you’re in my sight. 

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  1. you're really good! if that's not your best, i'd love to see some other stuff. i really like this one (: and now i want some cake? haha.


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