Sunday, June 17, 2012

TV Triggers

Yesterday I watched TV for two hours, from 7-9, and counted the number of ads.
There were 67 ads in total. 28% of those ads were about food. The next highest contender, ads about tv/movies, made up about 20% of ads.
What does this mean? That perhaps watching TV is not the best way to try and reduce behaviors. I’ve noticed on several occasions that TV ads about food make me feel less full and they make me want to have the taste of something in my mouth. I also tend to eat while I watch TV, or at least if I have to eat I will turn on the TV while I’m doing it. This might create an association in my mind of food with television, which will not help if I’m trying not to binge. However, there’s also the fact that TV is something to do to distract yourself.
It’s a mixed blessing. Maybe the solution is to read a book during the commercials. 

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