Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pros and Cons of Recovery

Pros of Recovery:
.     No more throwing up
2.     No tooth worries
3.     I will be more in control
4.     No headaches
5.     I’ll be awake
6.     I won’t worry about food
7.     I won’t gain weight from binges
8.     I won’t get irritable from hunger
9.     Increase in energy to do things I love
10. Increase in libido?
11. I won’t hate myself
12. Better singing voice?
13. I’ll be warmer?
14. Robert will stay with me
15. Less embarrassment
16. No more Carols
17. Save money

Cons of recovery:
1.     restricting makes me feel powerful
2.     restricting gives me motivation to work and care about myself
3.     restricting gives me a sense of accomplishment
4.     exercising makes me feel powerful
5.     exercising gives me motivation to work and care about myself
6.     exercising gives me a sense of accomplishment
7.     I won’t feel important
8.     I won’t be interesting
9.     No more excuse to be isolated
10. I might be bored
11. I might gain weight
12. I might get depressed
13. No self-righteousness
14. Sometimes I like binging on my favorite calorific foods
15. At first it will cause discomfort

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