Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eatopia and Spelling

Another busy week is starting for me. I decided to drop one of my classes because it causes me too much stress to devote the time. I'm doing ok behavior-wise- there were two days with binges and purges and yesterday I binged again in the evening but today's been good so far. 
I wanted to share a site that Anonymous mentioned on the previous post.

I clicked on the links to the posts she recommended and found that this is a great blog. It's inspiring, helpful, and engaging. I fully recommend it and I'll probably spend a few hours reading some of it later once I'm done with homework. 

Here are the two posts in particular:

On a completely different note, why is it "bingeing" and not "binging"? 
I've never understood it, and in case you didn't notice, I shun the correct spelling and just use the one without the e. "bingeing" just makes me want to say ew because grammatical rules state that verbs drop the e when becoming the "ing" form, so it looks weird. It's English, so of course it doesn't follow the rule, but I wish it did. 


  1. I love that term: "reactive eating"...i never thought about it but it is so true. Thank you for sharing this link!

  2. I can't spell for my life. The worst part is that I will type something and it just looks wrong so I look it up on and I end up unable to find the word because that is how far off I am. Nothing like stumping spellchecker!

  3. omg yes
    i get so annoyed at the 'bingeing' thing
    and im glad at your progress. don't let it get you down. bulimia is the devil. literally.
    the skirt thing is confusing but it's very interesting the hem and thread thing
    the other one with binging and stuff
    on a different note
    what i realised with people that are recovering from anorexia is that they do end up binge eating quite a bit because 2000-2500 isn't going to help months or years of restricting. also, what i realised with people that are recovering from bulimia is that they can easily lapse into anorexia after a while. as in the medical term, "loss of appetite" not the psychological condition which is what im facing right now trying to recover from b/p. at first i still wanted to eat everything but as i fixed by my metabolism and 'skirt', i just don't have that much of an appetite
    -Sam Lupin


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