Monday, February 11, 2013

Goals of the Week 30

My b/p goal for last week was to not eat dessert. That failed miserably. I kept eating more desserts and I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. I thought it might even be because I had the word "dessert" in my goal, so this week I'm going to try a positive statement instead of a negative one. My goal is to eat all my intake before 9 PM. Which technically means no food after 9, but I'm trying to keep the goal something I will do instead of something I won't do. 
My goal last week was to not weigh myself. I can say I did alright. I weighed myself about 5 times over the course of the week, but not every day, which is still lower than previously. My new goal is to not spend money on the vending machine food. To prevent myself from spending money on vending machine food. Last week I ran through about 10 dollars in one binge. I don't want to run out because I end up spending tons of my own money and that would be awful. How would I explain to my family that I need more than $200 for food when I have a meal plan?
What are your goals?


  1. GL on your goals hon..
    Mine is to stick to my calories too (I am giving my self a break on valentines though). I am going to add not eating after 9 to my goals as well.. I always feel so tired and bloated when I munch after 8...

  2. Yes, spending so much money on binge food is terrible...its like you're flushing your money down the toilet...beside purging itself, that part with money is the one that I hate the most about being bulimic...
    Everytime when I say I will make it a whole week without eating any specific food, I end up eating it more than like your brain is messing with you on purpose. My goals for this week is to eat normal 3 meals a day, not purging...and not weighing until Thursday..

  3. Sad but true I said no cereal or junk food the one week and that was all I wanted! So yes restating a goal as a positive is more effective for me at least. Instead of not eating something my goal is to eat normal quantities of food. Since its Valentines day and my hubbys bday we will go out to eat eat some junk food so moderation is my goal.
    Good luck.


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