Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Broken Scale

Something wonderful happened yesterday: my scale broke. This is great because it relieves me of the pressure of deciding whether or not to constantly check my weight. I can’t now. There’s still a scale in my parents’ bathroom, but I can’t sneak in there every hour, which means that I will have to stop knowing what my weight is all the time. And I will have to focus on other things.
I’m not inclined to replace the battery in my scale any time soon.         


  1. goood for you! must be pretty hard. i was out of town visiting my brother, and he's a chef (or was before joining the army), so he cooks all this delicious food, but they don't have a scale. i was a wreck because i didn't know if i was gaining weight or not. i couldnt do it, i'd have batteries the next day lol.

  2. How'd you do visiting your brother?
    It's very hard to not know how much you weigh. I still weighed myself every couple days, so it wasn't like I was completely in the dark, but it's definitely reduced my compulsion to find out.


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