Saturday, January 19, 2013

Biggest Loser 2013

The people on this show are exactly what I hope NEVER to become. Obese, on the verge of death, and ashamed of it. Fat people can’t hide the fact that they’re fat. Everyone notices them and everyone judges them. Everyone knows your inner shame, everyone knows your weakness if you’re that fat.
The people on the show work out at least two hours a day and they work like crazy. Everything they say reinforces the idea of determination- they can’t give up! They have to lose the weight.
Most of them seem like binge eaters. There’s one kid this season who does exactly what I do- he hides food in his room, usually chocolate, and then eats it in the middle of the night. Except he doesn’t throw it up afterwards.
I wonder how effective the Biggest Loser is for binge eating versus other ED programs? It seems like they would be restricted from eating a lot of binge foods, so maybe they become cured. Maybe someone who’s overweight and has binge eating disorder only needs to buckle down and lose the weight and then they’ll stop binging.
 Somehow, neither of those options seem very likely to happen. And yet the Biggest Loser has a lot of success stories. That’s what I’m going to take away from the show this year. That these are people with disordered eating habits who are recovering. I’m going to be inspired. 


  1. I suffer from binge eating, as well as Anorexia. So I see both of those. I can't purge, so that's why it's binge eating, instead of Bulimia. I am woriking to figure out how this is possible. But I guess it is. You can't really fool yourself.
    I wish I could watch the Biggest Loser, because it would be so inspiring!!!
    Love your blog, by the way.

    1. It's definitely possible to have symptoms of both diseases. EDs are all interconnected, so lots of people can switch around diagnoses or suffer from two kinds at once. That's why I think it's so great to have a support system of ED people- because we all understand to a certain degree each other's illnesses.
      I love your blog too! :D

  2. omg yes
    i know what you mean sheesh ffffffff
    omg yes
    purging chocolate is the worst though. ffffff i can remember purging chocolate. yikes. not my favourite thing to do.
    thats a beautiful thing to say <3
    go Em! :D
    -Sam Lupin

    1. Purging chocolate is pretty bad. I feel like it disappears as soon as you eat it and then it's such a strain to get it up again. But luckily I haven't done that this week! YAY!

  3. What I always wonder is if they keep that weight years or months after the show. I only watched a few episodes yet, but its amazing what they achieve..reading your comment above about chocolate, its the worst for a binge. I hate it, its so hard to get it up, if at all...but who can resist chocolate :( and never purge black coffee, it hurts so much...
    We should all at least try to recover, maybe we'll fail or struggle but its better than to not even try...

    1. Some of them do! Here's a link:
      But beware, a lot of them have put on some weight, so don't look at it for inspiration.

  4. I think trying to focus on your goals can help an overweight to be on the right track. Stop aiming for a supermodel weight just aimed for a healthy normal weight. And lastly, if you manifest some bulimic symptoms then ask for help.


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