Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slip Plan

So I finally got around to creating a slip plan. Basically I just listed every situation I thought I could find myself in and made bullet points of ways to handle it. 
Here it is:

1. Hunger
- throught restructuring
- chaining
- drink something

2. If I buy binge food
- I can share this!
- It's only $X
- I will eat X amount and then put it away (although this one isn't that great because it's what leads me to binge usually)
- Throw it away
- throught restructuring
- chaining

3. If I Binge
- It's ok, there's always tomorrow
- I do not have to purge
- I'm getting nutrients from the binge! Fat is a nutrient. (heh)
- Play the piano
- read
- go on the computer and read blogs or play stupid facebook games
- ask to hang out with friends
- thought restructuring

4. If I purge
- this does not have to mean a relapse
- I don't have to keep binging
- chaining

5. Social stress
- blog about it
- journal about it
- do a worksheet on the cbt site
- play an instrument

6. If there are tons of choices at dinner
- look at everything and pick 
- go straight for the salad and soup bar and don't look at anything else
- drink 1/2 glass of water before eating
- ask what will be served ahead of time
- throught restructuring at the table

7. I look fat
- so do tons of other people and they're still happy
- people still love you- name them
- think of body parts you like

8. Stress from homework
- blog or journal about it
- take a 30 minute break
- ask for help
- after the break then finish the homework

9. I already binged, so I might as well binge again
- this is a fallacy!
- chaining
- distract with instrument or computer
- thought restructuring
- blog 

Anything you would put on yours?


  1. What instrument do you play? (:
    Sounds like a good plan, hope it works for you!

  2. I think this is a great plan. I hope that you can implement it because the biggest problem that I have is thatr I can never actually follow through on these things. I am definitely not without infinite resolutions. So stay strong. You can do this. LOVE IT! XO

  3. This is a great plan! I need to sit down and think of something similar..


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