Monday, January 21, 2013

Goals of the Week 27

I've been doing these weekly goals now for over 6 months! Who would have ever thought. 
Last week my b/p goal was to follow my meal plan, which I did pretty well. I made it an ENTIRE WEEK without purging and any big binges. There were a few of 500 calories or less, but come on, that doesn't even really count as a binge. I lost 1 pound, but I managed to stay off the scale for most of the week and I plan to continue that trend. This week my goal is to follow my meal plan to the letter. No extra snacks or anything. It's time to buckle down and lose the weight. After I eat a spoonful of ice cream, of course.
My non b/p goal was to have positive interactions with at least 3 people a day. I mostly did that, except for yesterday, which I spent mostly hiding in my suite. I didn't mind that though. My new non b/p goal is to continue with the 3 people a day thing and to complete my exercise goal- (200-300) calories a day. The exercise helps me stay in shape but I won't let myself go over 300 calories because that would be overexercising for me. Besides, burning 200-300 SHOULD be enough, if I don't binge on anything. (Which I won't!)

What are your goals?


  1. WOW Well Done! I so want to be doing what your doing. I started today but binged twice and vomited twice :( xx

  2. Congrats on the full week without b/p! 500 calories totally isn't a binge! I love that you've been doing weekly goals, too. That's such a good idea and you come up with some really cool ones. I still really like the 'positive interactions' one. Just think what the world would be like if EVERYONE had the goal! :)

    My goal for this week is to make it to a yoga class everyday!

  3. Way to go girl! It gives me and others hope when we see another one of us succeed.
    Best of luck :)
    love always,


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