Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inability to Purge

Sometimes after a few days of lots of purges I find myself unable to get food out of my stomach. Why is this?
I always told myself it was a message from God telling me that it wasn’t in his plans for me to be bulimic. He didn’t want me to purge. He was planning for me to get better.
I have no idea about any biological basis for this, since it seems like most bulimics don’t experience this. And this past summer, when this happened, I forced myself to purge anyway and got through it. It wasn’t pleasant, let me tell you. My theory is that the body doesn’t want to purge anything so it shuts down the gag reflex somehow. Or it makes it less sensitive.
Either way, I’m fully in favor of letting the body tell you when you can’t purge. It’s such a relief to realize that yes, I have had enough of this vomiting business for now. My body can’t handle any more, and I won’t push it.
Anybody ever experienced this? What do you think? 


  1. Nope..Sometimes I struggle to get it going, usually when I didn't drink much liquid or binged on dry food, but as soon as I drink water it usually comes up. But as you say, sometimes I wish I couldn't purge, that I would become resistant to it, at least then it wouldn't be an option anymore and I would stop long as I have that as a Plan B, I always feel comfortable to eat whatever I want as I can get rid of it...even if somewhere back in my mind I know that some of it stays in me...such a nasty habit..

  2. I have experienced this Emily
    Sometimes the food will just not budge
    Not to go in to details but I find if the food is dry, then it is harder to purge
    If I know I'm going to purge I make sure to drink a lot of fluids
    But saying that I think sometimes our bodies have just had enough and physically can't do it
    It's frustrating when it happens but also a relief x


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