Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abercrombie and Fitch

I came across this news article the other day:

Apparently Abercrombie and Fitch does not want people above a size 10 to shop in their stores. They only want "cool, skinny" kids in their clothes.
This makes me hate them a little bit, and it makes me feel bad a lot. I'm a normal weight (well within normal range) and I'm a size 11. So I'm not skinny enough for them.
Not that I wear their clothes anyway.
I guess I'm okay with them not wanting to sell clothing to large women. People can choose their markets however they want. They don't have to be nice. What I'm mad about is the assumptions that only skinny kids are popular and cool, that people above a size ten are automatically overweight. 
Plus, they're being incredibly stupid, since most women are above a size 10 now anyway. 
I hope they go out of business. 


  1. I was mad. You're not selling to a real market, you're selling to your silly and unrealistic ideals. If you're at a healthy weight and you're a ten, then who cares? The "American Ideal" to them are people from California that are blond haired, blue eyed, tan. I hate to break it to them, but that's not the only dang state in this country. I'm from the Midwest, like actual middle of the country. Our attitudes and subculture is a little different.
    They have crappy clothes anyway and their pants are never long enough for me so yah, I kinda hope they do too. :D

  2. It's incredibly damaging to young people. It's bad enough we grow up with personal 'ideals' without feeling pressured to live up to the standards of some mainstream corporate douchebags. I mean..surely women work for A&F....are they cool with bullshit?

    1. I assume only "skinny" women work there. :P
      But who knows.

  3. Cool or not, that pissed me off.
    Everyone doesn't have to be a size 10 just to be cool, or to fit in. It's a really stupid idea, but like Eve said, they can choose to market however they want.

  4. I read this article the other day and was kind of shocked that someone was honest about this finally. I mean have you been in that store? Look at what they consider a large, its crazy. But they are not the only store like that, hollister is the same way and I am sure there are others. As consumers we dictate where our spending money goes so it is up to us to show we don't agree with the bussiness model they follow.

  5. As much as it agravates me, i find the honesty refreshing. They are telling us something we already knew. Try walking into a shop when youre not a size 10 and the staff look at you like youre some kind of alien!

    They are cutting off their nose to spite their face as thats not the average size of a woman anymore.

    1. It's true. I remember going in there to apply for a job once, and I noticed how attractive all of their salespeople were. They looked at each other and kind of smiled before telling me they didn't have any openings. I thought one reason might have been that I was too ugly.

  6. I'm shocked. That's terrible and not to mention triggering! Shame on them!

  7. I used to like their clothes but not anymore
    I hate everything they stand for
    I remember being in their shop in London a few years ago and I just felt so uncomfortable
    I hope they go out of business too x

  8. This really sickens me :S

    isn't the normal size for females like size 12?


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