Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goals of the Week 45

I completely forgot about setting goals yesterday because I was so worried about going in to work. And so tired when it ended. Lately I've been napping from 3-6 because that's when I get home. I eat a snack and go straight to bed. 

My goal for last week was to not binge on dessert. 

I tried, unsuccessfully, many times. My family is big on desserts and they're always scampering to have on around, even if they're not even done with the last one. Example: We have klondike bars in our freezer, blueberry pie, chocolate chips (not for eating, but I binge on them anyway), brownies that were just finished off, and a huge basket of chocolates my dad won and hasn't touched. 
Why can't we just eat one dessert at a time?? It drives me mad when people buy another dessert item when the first isn't finished. It makes me want to eat more of the unfinished one just so there will be order. 
My goal for this week will be to use thought restructuring every 30 minutes. This will help remind me of the negative consequences of binging. I'm going to set an alarm on my watch. Practice makes perfect!
My non-food goal was to make a list of mini-goals every single day. I managed to do this I think for about 5 days. I did notice that not making a list had a negative impact on my eating habits. 
I'm going to continue to make mini-goals. My non-food goal will be to get an hour of exercise every day I'm not working. 
What are your goals?


  1. My goals are to eat at this conference and be in control of myself and to not feel like a whale in a bikini, because that's completely false and I need to drown out that voice.

  2. My goal is to work out in the mornings and actually wake up because after work I'm too tired. I'm not a morning person though so it's hard to get around to doing a good calorie burning one. My other one is to stay positive. Dessert is my damn weakness too so I'm right there with ya girl! <3

  3. My goal is not to eat after I've gone to bed. I always end up b/p once I've laid down for the night. Something about the darkness and being able to sneak the food.

    I hate that about dessert too!! My family has two bowls of chocolates and candy. Two kinds of icecream. 3 bags of popsicles. Frozen chocolate covered bananas. Frozen yogurt. The list goes on. And on. And on....

  4. My family is the same way with junk food and sweets. I don't think there has been a day in the house without at least icream in the frezer and snack cakes in he drawers as a minimum. I joke that it is not a birthday party unless there are more than 3 desserts, otherwise it is just a normal Sunday. Bingeing actually takes more work since I don't live with them as I normally don't keep binge food in the house. Having to actually leave the house and spend the money cut my binges way down when I first moved out. If I had a great method of avoiding the food I would tell you but sadly th best I can offer is to pretend the kitchen is on lock down after a certain time, that was my one trick.

  5. My goal is to start yoga which I tell myself every day that I will start tomorrow and never do. I can resist dessert some of the time..but I can never have just one piece..its either nothing or binging..unfortunately.

  6. My goal is to do something nice or 'self soothe' when I feel shitty, because i dont have an issue doing nice things for me when i feel good (not a lot of the time) but when i feel crap and need it most i dont even contemplate it. So in times of stress and unhappiness treat yourself like you'd treat a loved one.
    stay strong xxxx


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