Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things I Lie About

1.    Whether or not I ate the last piece of cookie cake
2.    When I opened the ravioli (it was at 1 in the morning and I ate it frozen)
3.    How many chocolates I had (at least ten, I said two)
4.    That I’m fine
5.    Where I am when I go see a therapist
6.    That I like sex
7.    How much of Moby Dick I read
8.    Why I can’t sing
9.    How “good” my sister sounds when she sings (she's tone deaf or something, I swear)
10. When I go to sleep.
11. I don’t mind how much video games my boyfriend plays

There's probably more but I can't think of anything else right now.
What do you lie about? 


  1. "no no no dad OF COURSE I didn't eat all your chocolate biscuits"
    "no I did NOT drink all the diet coke"
    "yes I ate lunch today"
    "I'm not hungry"
    "of course I did the homework, sir, I just left it at home by accident"
    "no I did NOT set that bush on fire"
    "I assure you I did NOT break your laptop, dad"

    have a great weekend<3

  2. I love this!!

    Can I steal your idea and do a post like this too? x

  3. Recently hmmm....
    I definitely ate lunch today
    Yes I did all my homework
    I have a piano lesson can I leave class?
    Sorry I was in hospital
    I slept early last night
    Nothing is wrong
    I didn't drink all the coffee...

    That pretty much sums it up


  4. Things I lie about..
    "You've helped a lot, thank you" (when I tall other people my problems"
    "I'm fine"
    "I ate today"
    "I need to do/go _____ so I have to leave class"
    "I did the homework, just forgot it at home"
    "I'm trying to get my grades up"
    "I'm doing all my homework"
    "I'm sorry"
    "I trust you"
    "I don't wish I was dead"

    Umm... there are so many more. I lie about pretty much everything nowadays, but I can't think of any more right now. Xx

  5. Haha:)
    Mine are "yes, I ate lunch today", and then I lie about what I ate. "I'm not hungry", "I haven't eaten since lunch", "I've eaten a lot today", "I haven't spent the money on groceries", "no, I haven't weighed myself", " I weigh the same as I did last time"...etc.

  6. im wit ruby-tuesday. totally want to steal this idea.
    but omg
    1. that shit looks marvellous i'd lie about it too
    2. awwwwwww :( im sorry, love. are you okay? i know that if i do this, i'd be banging shit on myself but don't, honey.
    3. omg chocolate tho
    4. :( aw, honey. here you go. i will give you a hug. *hugs* :/ at least we know. i love you Emily <3
    5. its not of their business to be honest sweetie
    6. hmmm i can see why you'd lie about that.
    7. xD this one i like
    8. awwwwwwwwwwwwww you don't need to sing anyway
    9. xDDD omg i know the feeling i suck at singing myself
    10. of course
    11. punch him in the face. problem solved.

    xo <3
    -Sam Lupin

  7. 1. No, I didn't eat just the frosting off that corner/part of the cake!
    2. I don't care.
    3. Of course I don't want to lose more weight.
    4. I checked my oil before I drove home from college.

    I don't lie well (I have an extremely guilty conscience and hate lying anyway) and the truth always comes out with me. There are probably only a handful of things max I've lied about and never came clean to absolutely anyone, involved or not, but God about.

  8. 1: How I feel
    2: I am not lonely
    3: it's Ok that I don't have a relationship with my mom and sisters
    4: my weight
    5: how often I get on the scale
    6: How much I eat

  9. I feel like my whole personality is a lie. I'm not happy for people who have something that I want and that is most people in the world. I lie and say that I'm happy for them. I lie when I said to a friend that she looks skinny and 'wow, you look awesome' - get fat you disgusting troll. I lie when I give people advice - because it comes from a place where I want them to be fat and miserable. I'm not a good person, but fuck it I make people think that I am.

  10. Sadly this post made me feel a bit better knowing I am not the only one who lies about different things, some big some little. I have been at my current job since December 2010 and no one knows about my real life. But it makes me very greatful to special people like you who allow me to be me and let me feel it is ok to be honest.

  11. Wow, thanks for all the responses!
    To everyone who wanted to use this idea: go for it!
    It makes me feel better to know that other people are lying about some of the same stuff as I do, and thanks for the encouragement too.
    I wish we could all be happy enough that we didn't need to lie about our pain.
    Fat Piggy- I told one of my friends that I felt something similar (I had been congratulating someone on finding a girlfriend while thinking to myself that he was never going to keep her) and he said that everyone has thoughts like this, but that it doesn't matter so much what you think, it matters what you do. He said because I made the guy feel good when I could have made him feel bad it showed that I was a better person.
    It didn't make me feel less guilty but it showed that people are more forgiving than you would think.


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