Monday, March 4, 2013

Goals of the Week 33

My b/p goal for last week was to eat each meal at its proper time. I mostly did that, although I did end up eating dinner before five every day. Mostly though I was able to stave off the hunger pangs before lunch, even when I was in the lunch room waiting for my boyfriend. So I will call that a success. My new goal is to make entirely healthy choices for a whole week. That means no dessert if I can help it, no diet soda, more salad instead of pizza, and more veggies and fruits overall. 

My goal last week revolved around the vending machine again... I used it 6/7 days this week, but two of those days I borrowed money from my bf so that I could complete my goal. He doesn't really care that I use his loose change but I feel bad because I know I probably won't pay it back, and also because if he weren't around I would have broken my goal. I'm going to stick with this one, because I only used money 4/7 days, which is an improvement over 5/7 days. So my goal for this week is to use money 3/7 days and no more. 
What are your goals?

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  1. Well I was able to keep my goal for only half of last week so starting Wednesday I am starting fresh and I am going to go 7 full days of hitting my goal of 45 grams of proteinand 25 grams of fiber, no excuses! I fell off track two weeks in a row for the same reason and I am not going to let it happen again. Good luck!


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