Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Secret Letter

** Update: I put the note in a popular vending machine while no one was looking. When I checked back there three hours later the note was gone! So someone definitely found it! **

Ruby posted a challenge on her blog: write an inspiring note to a random person and place it in a place anyone can find it.
I thought this was a great idea, so here is the note I wrote.

Dear you,
People aren’t told often enough how much they’re appreciated. This is a reminder. You could be the guy with a dark sense of humor, or a girl whose laugh sounds high and frilly, or someone who simply stands in the background… no matter what, there are people who appreciate you for being exactly what you are.
Here are some joys I find in life: watching sunset from on top of a hill squeezing my boyfriend’s shoulder or making him laugh, snuggling under comfy blankets, and sipping hot tea on a cold morning.
I hope this note reminds you of what and who makes you happy.
Now go and have a good day J

I wonder if the person who finds it will actually appreciate it. I tried to write it so that it wouldn’t come off as untrue- because really, if you don’t know a person, how can they believe that you’re right when you tell them they’re beautiful? So I just tried to be general, and I hope that whoever picks it up is someone like me who would enjoy the mystery of whoever put it there. But even if that person picks it up and throws it away, I still had fun writing it. 


  1. I'm delighted you did this too Emily
    Your letter is beautiful
    Yay for positivity! x

  2. I love this idea so much. I'm sure whoever finds it will love it
    As Ruby said: yay for positivity!

  3. I'd smile from reading it! :)


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