Monday, March 11, 2013

Goals of the Week 34

Thank you for all the comments! The reason I haven't been around to blogs or commenting is because I've had a lot to do lately, plus I got sick, so I used all my free time sleeping and being lazy.
This week I'm back at my house for spring break, this time with my lovely supportive boyfriend! He has this mindset where he doesn't like to change things he does, so it's hard to get him to travel with me to my house instead of just stay at the dorm. But I managed to convince him this time! I'm ecstatic not only because I get to show him around everywhere, but because he can help keep me in line around all these ridiculous dessert foods. (thin mints, dulce de leche cookies, hershey's kisses, mini donuts, butter, chocolate milk, mint chocolates, chocolate pudding...)

My goal was to make entirely healthy choices the entire week. That didn't pan out as planned, which I kind of figured would happen because it was a hard goal to complete anyway. I binged on about 5/7 days but only purged on 1. Which is good! My b/p goal for this week is to de-stress myself before meals. In our house we have dinner together, so I can't control when I eat. If I don't stress out about it so much beforehand, I'll be able to stick my my meal plan.

My non b/p goal for last week was to spend money at the vending machine only 3/7 days. And I did it! I can say it was probably because I got sick though, so I had no desire to eat dessert foods. This week I can't spend any money because I'm at home, so my new goal is... to get an hour of exercise everyday. Since the rest will be spend sitting, I think an hour will be okay. 

What are your goals?


  1. I think it's a great idea to de-stress before meals. I always make sure I have 15-30 minutes beforehand to sit and relax, remind myself what I'll be eating, and get psyched up.
    Congrats on your vending machine goal! Regardless of the motive, you still saved money :)
    Good luck for the next week <3 xx

  2. That's really great he's so supportive! I know how crappy it is when you have one that isn't. One day mine was mad because I was anxious about a buffet and he just couldn't see why I would and that it was stupid. I'm really happy for you girl!

    Hey, ideas for healthy snacks! I like to buy plain Greek yogurt, add some honey, then cut up and apple and dip it in the yogurt. The Greek style has more protein and is all around a good choice. The honey is natural sugar, the apple has fiber. I also like an apple with a few small cheese cubes and about a 1/4 cup walnuts. Maybe try it? Great job with the vending machine goal! I like to look online for healthier versions of my favorites if there are any. Do you have Pinterest? (yep, went there haha) Sometimes when I get on there I find cool, healthy recipes.

    My goal for the week is to stop doing homework by 11 pm and do something for myself. This semester I have worked myself down to the mental bone and I've even gotten out of bed at 2 am, when I just went to bed, to read a few more pages of my text because I felt guilty.
    Good luck with your goal dear!

  3. I hope you have a lovely time with your boyfriend and your family! Excercise is a great way to feel good about yourself too, with the endorphin rush and that feeling like you can kick anyones ass!
    Best of luck this week!

  4. Have you ever looked up She has a ton of recipes that are low calorie but yummy. I have tried some of her sweet recips and I thought they were good. My goal for the week is to get the phone calls I need to make out of the way. I hate calling insurance companies, credit card companies, or even to make appointments ith doctors so I have been putting this off but this week it wll get done!


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