Monday, April 1, 2013

Goals of the Week 37

Well, I didn't make it through yesterday. I kind of thought that post might jinx me. But I don't feel so bad about it because I did get 15/31 days, which is basically half, right? And this month I set my goal one day higher to make up for it. 
My goal for last week was to not eat bread because of Passover.
I made it about three days, which isn't too bad, even though I feel really guilty about it. I shouldn't have given in. I care a lot about keeping the tradition of not eating bread because it makes me feel connected to my family and my religion. But I did. I'm just glad I didn't continually binge on it, which could have easily happened. My goal for this week is to eat no bread for today and Tuesday, which are the remaining days in the holiday. 
My non b/p goal was to focus on schoolwork. I guess that happened. I still need to focus on schoolwork because I have two tests coming up and a project due today, but it was more important last week. This week my goal will be to spend less than 5 dollars on the vending machine. 
Gonna be a toughie. 

What are your goals?


  1. I think you still did amazingly with Passover. It's obviously going to be a little more difficult for those of us with EDs, and each day is an achievement. Eating bread won't/hasn't DISconnected you from your family or religion. As they say, it's the thought that counts :)

    Good luck with the next week. I love how you set weekly goals - I should really get started on setting some!

  2. Well done Emily, I think you did great and continuing to make goals is really paying off for you

    I make goals with Mary every week but I have a hard time meeting them
    My goal for yesterday was not to purge as I was spending the day with family. I did purge though not as much as usual

    Keep fighting the good fight x

  3. lovely, 15/31 days is still pheneomenal and i'm still proud of you xo
    and don't worry. 3 days is still 3 days. i'm glad at least you were able to focus on your schoolwork! :)
    <3 i'm sorry i'm off its 6:30 in the morning :P
    -Sam Lupin


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