Friday, April 26, 2013

Not Always Anorexic

I'm a huge fan of Not Always Right, which is a website about funny customer stories. 
I found this one day on their other site, Not Always Working, and I just couldn't believe that something like this would actually happen. Not only is the waitress stupid to assume that a really thin girl automatically has anorexia/bulimia, she's also completely ignorant to why people have EDs. 
I found this horrible and kind of funny at the same time because it's so over the top, so I thought I'd share it. 

(I am 21 years old. Five years earlier, I was in hospital for operations to remove tumors, but I lost 11 lbs. in the process. Since then, I have had special medicine to make me put on weight, but despite this, I am still underweight. Note: I am in a very light t-shirt.)
Me: “Can I have the [popular meal]?”
Waitress: “No.”
Me: “Isn’t there any left?”
Waitress: “No. I just don’t want to serve you.”
Me: “…Why?”
Waitress: “Because people like you just WASTE this restaurant’s money…”
(The waitress leans in so close to my face that she spits in it.)
Waitress: “…You think you get thin by throwing up so you can get in [fashion magazines] and people will want to have sex with you? Well, let me get this into your trampy brain; you look terrible! Your skeleton is showing, you’re covered in freckles and you have stupid marks all over your body.”
Me: *almost in tears* “They’re scars—”
Waitress: “Oh, so you want to self-harm yourself as well? Being ungrateful and throwing up isn’t enough for you? But now because people don’t like you because you’re so ugly no matter how hard you vomit, you hurt yourself? Well, listen to me you b***, YOU DESERVE IT!”
(Note: by now, the whole restaurant is watching us. The waitress continues berating me. By this point, I can no longer control myself and am in tears.)
Waitress: “You want to make yourself pretty?! Well, you’ve failed! Get out of here and spend less time making yourself look pretty to have sex, and more time on your exams! How old are you, 16?”
Me: “21… but I was in—”
Waitress: “Yeah, go on! Cry! You deserve it! I hate your kind!”
(At this point, the manager comes up.)
Manager: “[Waitress], I have TOLD you about insulting customers! Go and get your stuff and get out.”
(I finally summon up enough courage to respond with a parting shot to the waitress.)
Me: “I was in the hospital!”
(I get a 70% discount for the waitress’ insults. By the way, I’m getting better!)

anything like this ever happen to you?


  1. My gosh, that's horrible! If that's not bad enough, imagine if she said that to someone who was actually anorexic and a self-harmer... ugh. People disgust me sometimes.
    Thankfully I've never been talked to so horrifically with regards to my weight/ED. I don't know how I'd cope with it to be honest.

  2. That's just so terrible. Being my american gal confrontational self I'd ko'd that bitch into next century. The closest I've come to something like that was when I was biggest. I was a size 12, aged 16. I had gone to try on this dress and it said "one size fits all". It fit but once it was on I didn't like it so handed it back to the lady on my way out who turned to the women with her and said "Obviously one size does NOT fit all". And they laughed. Real spiteful.

    It was a devastating moment for me. I walked out of that shop feeling so ugly xxx

  3. People at my high school would watch me as I passed by, make little comments. The girls in the locker room said, "If we threw up like Willow does after every meal then we'd be that skinny too." The only thing I could muster up saying was "I'm not bulimic." Strange the only thing I could do was set them straight as to which disorder I had. My high school science teacher talked about me in class (one of my classmates told me) and so I confronted her and she made excuses and got defensive. Nothing right up in my face really. I got called "bag of bones" and whatever else. No one cares to find out you had just disclosed your 7 year sexual abuse only to have the cops do nothing and your parents' marriage continue to crumble. They just say whatever hurts.

  4. Oh lord... Do people actually say stuff like that?? :S why... I just don't understand it...

    But no - I have never been skinny, so no..

  5. Just a reminder that some people just suck. Let's hope those people don't procreate.


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