Monday, April 29, 2013

Goals of the Week 41

I seriously considered just not writing goals this week. I feel so out of it and tired of everything, which is to be expected, since classes are ending and finals week is coming up. I worked so hard this semester, it feels kind of unfair that I have to muster up another round of energy to get through finals. 

My b/p goal last week was to go 2 days without eating sugar. I didn't complete the goal, but I tried REALLY hard 4/7 days. And then the rest I was binging from breakfast onward. Trying not to eat sugar is good, because I make it through most of the day and then only eat a pastry at night. So less sugar overall. This week my goal will be to be aware of what I'm eating. Meaning I need to go on a calorie-counting site and log my meals. I hate hate hate doing this because it seems counterproductive, but right now I need to be eating less, not more. So counting calories can help me figure out what's going wrong and keep me accountable. 

My non-food goal was to plan all my meals. I did that pretty well, except for when I was binging. I did binge on my birthday yesterday but I didn't purge, which is what I was hoping for.
This week my goal will be to apply for 3 jobs. Hopefully it will yield something. 

What are your goals?


  1. Amen sister. It's finals week for me and I'm struggling hard. I snoozed my alarm for like an hour and a half and woke up at 10:30.... WHAT!? It's just so hard to put that extra effort in when I've stayed up excessively late most nights, cried, felt angry and stressed, all to have them expect even more. College...

    It really helps when you eat the majority of your meal in veggies and fresh if you can. It fills you up and I guess that's the recommendation anyway. Dressings and condiments are a big one too. They have a lot of added stuff in them. It could just be stress though, you know? It's finals soon and that is a really uncomfortable time.
    It's your birthday. Everyone eats a lot on theirs!

    My goal is to limit my sugar intake and try to make it all fruit, go back to tracking my calories (I haven't because I feel ashamed if it's over a certain point and don't want to know), and study not just hang out since my paper is due tomorrow and my last two exams are Thursday and Friday.

    Have a great week deary!

  2. Great goals! I know it must be tough to balance school goals vs recovery/personal goals, but remember your priorities; school has to come first. It's great that you still set goals, but please try to be gentle with yourself if you don't meet them during finals.

    Also, I woke up to your comment so you're the first person to wish me happy birthday this year :) I'll definitely be posting cake pictures later (hint: it's chocolate orange).

    Have a lovely week hun xx

  3. Good luck with your job search, its one of the toughest things to do-at least I feel that way. I have app on my phone that I use to track my food but I have it programmed to track protein, garcons fiber and then it shows calories also. That way I can focus on the nutrients I an getting or missing.


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