Monday, September 9, 2013

Goals of the Week 56

My b/p goal last week was to have 5 good days. I didn't make it, but I did have 4 good days. I chalk some of that up to the turmoil caused by thinking my friend didn't like me and also feeling guilty in regards to my ex...
So this week I WILL have 5 good days. That is my goal. 

My non-b/p goal was to call the counseling department, which I also did! It was harder to do than I expected, as I had to talk to my old therapist (who I haven't seen in over a year) before they would give me a new appointment. I still don't have someone to see, and at this point, I don't know if I ever will. I don't know if I'd have time anyway. My goal this week is to do at least one hour of homework a night so that I can get everything done by Saturday, which is going to be Date Day/night, as it's the only day of the week my (boy)friend and I are free. My other goal is to weigh the pros and cons of telling him I have an eating disorder. I don't think I'll tell him any time soon, but I'll need to tell him eventually. 

What are your goals?


  1. Well, the important thing is that you tried and it was probably stressful going into that new stage of your life. I'm sorry about the counseling situation. :/ Just use it if you need to.

    Ugh my goal is just to survive... I'm at 21 credit hours until the 19th and so I just want to sleep or cry usually haha. I also want to try and get all the things done I have on my list accomplished (while making realistic lists to start with), and to take care of myself. I feel like I don't know my limits or I just ignore them and then I get really tired and stressed out.

    Have a great week dear!

  2. Um. I a good idea would be to not let this "I don't get paid til 2 weeks and I don't have enough groceries to last me until then" situation get me into restrictive habits. Like. Looking at what food I had vs what money I had, my plan was to cut out lunch entirely, but that's not a very good idea. I'm having to cut back, but I still want to be healthy about it for two weeks. I made a bunch of soup I can eat this week, and then I'm eating with a friend tonight, but still, I don't want to restrict for 2 weeks because of no groceries. It's an odd feeling.

    Non-food goal: go to the bank and run 3 times this week for a race coming up.

  3. Sorry to hear there's so many roadblocks in the path of getting a new counsellor. I hope you keep trying, just so you have someone there.

    My goals are to meet my calorie goal each day, cook dinner at least 3 times, and sew every second day.


  4. omg im glad to hear that you've had 4 good days at least and yes, it's been an emotional week for you - just think about it. even with that shit on top, you still managed to get 4 good days in! that's how I see it as :)

    omg yes. about telling him you have an ED (I always think it's a good idea). Rachel knows about my eating issues. sometimes, I like to diffuse to her. I just think that if I were in their situation, i'd want to know. does that make any sense?

    -Sam Lupin


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