Monday, September 30, 2013

Goals of the Week 58

These past couple weeks have been hell for me. 
My new bf and I broke up and are not friends, another of my friends probably likes me, I've binged every single day, and I ate about 5000 calories yesterday alone. 
I miss my ex. I really really miss him. 
I hate being alone.
My only goal this week is to lose weight. I need to feel more comfortable in my own skin. 

I will exercise every day this week, do all my homework, no naps, and I will not binge. 


  1. I did think of you today Emily
    You hadn't posted in a while and I was wondering if you were ok

    I'm so sorry that you and your bf broke up
    And I'm sorry that things are tough right now
    But you are a tough cookie Emily and I know that you will get through this
    I think it's natural for us to turn to our 'friend' food when things are rough
    I hope you can get back on track and remember that we are all here for you

    Sending you lots of love x

  2. I'm really sad to read this... I hope you're okay. I know that the first response is to turn to our ED when things aren't going well but you know it won't fill the void or numb the pain. You are beautiful, strong, and I see the confident you shine through in many of your posts and comments so please, hold on to that girl. I'm thinking of you. <3

  3. Oh sweetheart, I'm so sad to read this. I missed your goals post last week, and was wondering if you were okay. I'm sorry you feel so lonely. There's really no words, I just want to give you a great big hug :(
    Thinking of you dear. I hope things improve soon <3 xx

  4. you and me both... I think we need to challenge each other - any ideas?

  5. i'm so sorry sweetie :(
    this post was really short but it's quite far from sweet! i'm sorry for the break-up. new relationship or not, break-ups must be hard especially since you were afraid of you both not being friends afterwards so that is just hurting me. i'm sorry that you were binging. i hope you aren't purging as much as before - or haven't purged at all. you deserve a lot more than a constant binge spiral. you deserve to nourish that body of yours. you deserve a lot more than your friend bloke.
    <3 i hope things become better
    just hoping
    just know that even without the boy, we love you and support you and will love you and even if you stop blogging, we do think of you. we're sort of our own little world in here. can't imagine it without you all.
    please take care of yourself. eat well, exercise but not obsessively, treat yourself right. you deserve it.

    -Sam Lupin

  6. I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time :(

    Please be careful and stay as strong as you can. Rooting for you.

  7. I'm so sorry.. What did the boy do??

    Stay strong hon *hugs*


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