Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Telling Your Boyfriend you have Bulimia

I did it! I completed my goal yesterday of telling my new bf that I have an ED. 
And guess what- he didn't reject me!
Well, he sort of did, but then he un-rejected me.

Basically, he came over to visit and for us to talk about things. He's the kind of person that overthinks things and he hasn't been in many relationships, so he was having some concerns about pacing and communication. We talked about that and resolved those things, and then I told him I had to tell him something. 
We walked for 20 minutes trying to find a place with no one else around. Who would've thought that a college campus could be so crowded late at night? XD
Eventually we settled for the top of a cold parking garage (incidentally, I think it's "our place" since we've been there so many times) and I sat down about to tell him. 
Before I could, he said we should break up, which surprised me given the fact that we'd just resolved issues half an hour ago. 
I was mad, but not about him breaking up with me, moreso that he broke up with me just before I was about to tell him something important. It was like stealing my thunder! Because I was all ready to receive his support and then suddenly he needed mine because he was sad that he felt he couldn't be with me. You can't tell someone you have an ED after they break up with you. 
Anyway, I told him that I was mad that he'd done that, and then I told him. 
He asked if he could take back breaking up, because he'd just been scared. I said yes, although with some trepidation. 

He seems okay with it. He didn't ask very many questions, but I think more will come as time goes on. Either way, whether he decides he wants to keep dating me or not, I'm glad I told him. I think he'll be a good support.

Every time I tell someone I have an eating disorder it goes better than I expect. Maybe it's not such a shameful thing after all. 


  1. I almost feel confused by him just because he's always changing his mind, it seems, but if it's worth it, hold on!
    I'm super super glad to hear that he was okay with your disorder. You know, everyone has problems. It just is a matter of who has what. :)

  2. I agree with Eve. He seems a bit confusing to me. I'm glad that you told him. That's amazing he was still supportive. Way to go girl.

  3. I'm glad to hear it went okay(ish). His panic-breakup was a little odd, but I wouldn't take it to heart. You wrote above, he tends to overthink things and he hasn't been in many relationships before.
    And there is no shame in having an ED or any other kind of mental illness, even though it can feel that way some time.

  4. un-rejected you?
    oh boy. this'll be an interesting story.
    "Who would've thought that a college campus could be so crowded late at night? XD" babe, it's college. it's crowded all the time. that's the problem. 6am, 6pm, 3pm, 3am. always fucking crowded fuck's sake
    your boy...yeah, he needs to sort out his prorities and get himself un-confused. hopefully, you telling him will help that! xo and omg i hope things go well.
    your boy is a nutcase. just like the rest of us. :D
    and boy are we loveable <3

    -Sam Lupin

  5. You my dear are so much more than the ED part of you.. If the guy had really broken up with you due to the ED stuff I'd say it's for the best, cause then he wouldn't be worth your time.

    I hope the dude gets his shit together and makes you happy, cause you deserve someone who makes you happy and sees behind the ED..

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