Sunday, August 5, 2012


You’re not allowed to binge, it’s bad for you.
You’re not allowed to be overweight.
You can't drink diet soda, it's bad for you.
In fact, the only GOOD drink is water. 
You're not allowed to eat food that's bad for you.
But you need to try desserts to get used to them!
You have to exercise at least three times a week.
You should weight lift!
You can’t be too proud of yourself- that’s called bragging and immodesty.
But you can’t hate yourself either- that’s called self-deprication.
WHY ARE YOU SHY? No one will know you.
WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD? Everyone thinks you’re self-centered and bitchy.
Keep up with fashion.
You need to work hard in your classes.
You don’t have friends? There’s no excuse for that- you have to spend time with people in order to be friends with them.
Practice your instruments.
Clean your room!
You have no excuse to get bad grades.
You have no excuse to have bulimia- nothing bad has ever happened to you.
You have no excuse to STILL have bulimia, not after all these treatments.
Unfit? Get your act together, there’s no excuse.
There’s no excuse for making mistakes at work.
No excuse for not working hard.
No excuse for being unprepared.
No excuse for not being a leader.
No excuse for looking less than perfect.
No excuse for being tired.
No excuse for thinking negative thoughts.
No excuse for purging.
No excuse for letting myself binge.
No excuse for stealing food.

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