Monday, August 20, 2012

Goals of the Week 6

I did not accomplish my no binge goal last week. Therefore, I'm going to go smaller. This week, my goal is not to binge at breakfast. When I binge during breakfast, my whole day becomes a binge, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to put a stop to that. 
As for my non b/p goal, I accomplished it! I was definitely hard not to weigh myself an entire week, and I'll admit that the first thing I did when I got up today was step on the scale, but I made it!
My non b/p goal for this week will be.... finishing the new eating disorder book I got from the library. Not too hard. 
What are your goals?


  1. Only someone who has experienced it knows what it means to binge but not purge. I'm proud of you :)
    And setting smaller goals will definitely work better.

    My goals for the next few weeks will be to stick to 500-600 calories, not eating after 6pm and not to buy things I can binge on. When I'm not having it around me I can not get tempted..

    1. Thanks for the support!
      Good luck on your goals. Whenever I try to rid myself of temptations it ends up backfiring. Last year I ended up stealing food because I had gotten rid of all my binge foods. I'm sure you won't do anything as awful as that, but just be careful!

  2. Baby steps :) I thnk you are doing great and a smaller goal is probably a really good idea :)

    Keep going :)


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