Monday, August 6, 2012

Goals of the Week 4

I succeeded, finally in a binge/purge goal! All week! It wasn’t really all that much to live up to though. Refraining from binging and purging in adjacent meals doesn’t really put limits on what I can do in a day. However, I managed to not binge/purge for the last 5 days. August is going well so far.
My new goal is to not binge/purge through Thursday, when I’m next seeing my therapist.
My goal of enjoying the rest of my vacation went pretty well. I didn’t get irritated with anyone on the drive home, as I expected I would. I didn’t exactly love it though.
My new goal is to throw out my scale. It doesn’t work anymore anyway, so it won’t be too hard. The point is to “purge” the need for it. I’ve still been checking my weight with my parents’ scale, but less often than during the school year. The other point is to not buy a new one. That will set me up for going back to college WITHOUT A SCALE. Oh my god. In my entire life I’ve never been without a scale in my house somewhere. The first thing I bought at college was a scale. I have three weeks to get used to it.

Things that challenged my beliefs:
I did binge this week. I didn’t purge, and lo and behold, my weight on the scale has stayed relatively the same after this one small binge. This counters my Binging Will Make Me Gain Weight belief.
I had a lovely conversation with one of my friends, which counters my You’re Not Intersting con.

Not much else happened.
What are your goals for the week?

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  1. You are doing great! Gl on your new goals :)


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