Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storytelling Advice

I'm taking a fiction writing course this semester, and we have to write two short stories of about 12 pages each. 
I want to write a story about someone with an eating disorder- it's been begging to be told for some time  but I have no idea how to write it, and I feel like writing about such a serious topic could backfire horrible if the writing isn't good. 
My other worry in using it for class is that people will easily guess that I have or have had an eating disorder, one of those people being my close friend who I haven't told. 
I'll decide myself whether or not to share it with the class but I'd like to get your input as well. Do you think sharing the story is a horrible idea?


  1. No, I don't think its something bad to share it. How about writing it, like you write about a how that affects someone around that person. If I could explain it and share my thoughts in german I could explain what I mean a lot better :) But I try. If you want to mention the negative effects of an ED, writing it in a way and about someone else I don't think people will associate you with it. Like a novel about someone else, and the narrators struggle to understand that behavior, what that person is going through. That feeling of being helpless and maybe of the support. It's a difficult topic...just don't go into too many details, like details only someone with an ED knows. Just like if you would write about a drug addict. Its all about you describing something and "trying to understand it" but you cant because you haven't experienced it...:p
    Sorry, this is the best I can explain what I meant. Anyway, its all up to you and how you feel about writing and sharing it..Good luck with that decision..:)

  2. You could write it from the perspective from a mother and their daughter has the ED. It'd be challenging and interesting because you'd have to think of how an outsider feels watching an eating disordered person and how they feel helpless. Hope that makes sense. I think writing is very therapeutic, even fictionally. Good luck :)


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