Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Foods

Here are all the things I will be trying hard to avoid during this delightful season:

Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Sticky buns
Mashed potatoes
Yule log
Nutmeg cookie logs
Sugar cookies
Green bean casserole
Cranberry salad
Santa shaped chocolates
Ice cream
Figgy pudding
Honey glazed ham
Apple cider
Candy canes

Am I missing any? What foods make you uncomfortable during Christmas?


  1. Yes, all of the above!

    Everything in moderation, including moderation x

  2. I normally can stay in control with "real" food and meals but those baked goods get me almost everytime. At work we have had a buffet of treats all week, all sugary and yummy. I am hoping that after Christmas the food disapears and I can get back to eating as healthy as possible again.

  3. It really helps being vegetarian. It takes so many things off the 'avoid list' because instead of avoiding, i DON'T want to eat it :)
    So all I have to do is watch out for the nick nack snacks!
    Number one food that makes me uncomfortable during the holidays, I gotta say, is pie! It's unstoppable once you start! aha
    Good luck!

  4. I have learned to not make lists like this.. Every single time I do make a "no" list - I end up in a huuuuuuuge bingefest..
    I am trying to learn and to understand that I don't need to make the lists and to leave all foods in the "can have" list and to instead learn to learn to control how much I have of it..

    What I wish is that to be able to know that I can have pie if I want to and then have the proper self control to not eat the whole pie - but have a small piece and then leave the rest..

    You know what I mean?


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