Sunday, December 2, 2012

Liebster 2

Two others, Josie and Waiting for Repairs, nominated me for the liebster award! Thank you! :)
I'm going to answer their questions but not do the rest of it again, as seems to be the trend with multiple nominations. 
Here goes...

Josie's questions:

1.     Why did you start your blog?
Because I had too much to say about bulimia. There was too much floating around in my mind and writing things down in a private journal just doesn’t satisfy some things. Also I figured that there must be people out there trying to recover from an eating disorder as well, and that hopefully we would be able to support each other.
2.     Does anyone in your real life know about or read your blog?
No. Although I wouldn’t hesitate to tell my bf. The only reason I don’t is because I don’t want him to feel obligated to read it.
3.     One food with no calories
Chocolate! :D
4.     Are you involved in any type of treatment?
Yes. I am currently in a study that provides cognitive behavioral therapy, which is supposed to be the therapy that works best for bulimia. Before that I was in outpatient therapy. I’m not on any drugs, medical or otherwise, the first because I believe I can solve this problem by myself and the second because I think it’s a bad idea to do drugs. Meaning nothing bad about anyone who does either of those. It’s a personal choice.
5.     Looking back when did you notice the beginning of your disordered eating?
In 8th grade I starved myself for a month, although I can’t remember why. And the ED seemed to go away after that, but it resurfaced two years ago at Thanksgiving in the form of binging and purging.
6.     What is your favorite way to waste time?
Watching online videos or going on facebook or reading people’s blogs.
7.     What activity do you hate doing: dishes, commuting, finances, phone calls?
I have to do none of those!!!! Yay for college!! When I’m at home I guess I hate commuting places. There was actually a study done somewhere that showed that commute is one of the things that has the most impact on someone’s happiness. So make sure to live near your job!
8.     Looking back is there anything you wish you did more of?
I guess go to social events and get to know people. At the time it always seems so hard to do that, but in retrospect it looks easy.
9.     If you won a contest to build your dream house somewhere where would it be?
I would want a nice little cottage type thing. Small. And I would want it in Cancun or Hawaii or somewhere tropical. Of course, I’m never going to move to any of those places, but if I didn’t have to worry about money that’s where I’d go.
10. Do you have a target weight? What will be different once you get to your target weight?
Yes, I have a target weight, which is 115 pounds. And I know objectively that nothing will be different. In my head I think I’ll feel better about myself but I know the truth is that I’ll just keep wanting to lose more and more weight. That doesn’t stop me from wishing though.

Waiting for Repair's Questions:

1.     Book or movie?
It depends. Usually books are better than movies, so I’ll say books. But I haven’t been reading them lately.
2.     What do you think is your best feature?
My ass.
3.     Tea or coffee?
I like tea.  I’ve never liked coffee for some reason.
4.     What is the drunkest you’ve ever been?
Well. On vacation I was allowed to drink because the drinking age was lower in that country. So my friends and I “bar hopped” to like two bars and ordered some drinks. I ordered cocktails, and after two of them my head started getting fuzzy but I don’t think I was anywhere near being drunk. That’s pretty much it.
5.     How many sexual partners have you had?
Just one, my current bf. My parents really drilled it into me when I was young to not have sex until I was mature, so I waiting until college.
6.     Do you think the world is going to end this year?
No. At least I hope not…
7.     What is your favorite perfume/aftershave?
Hmmmmmmmm… I have no idea.
8.     Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?
Oh yes. My grand plan was to get liposuction as soon as I got into college. As I grew up I decided that that wouldn’t be feasible, but I still plan to do it at some point. Or a tummy tuck or something of that nature.
9.     Have you left your own country for a holiday?
Not for a holiday but during summer vacation I’ve gone to different places.
10. What is your favorite food?
My favorite dessert food is chocolate, since I eat tons of it. But my favorite actual food is probably mussels. They’re so delicious and served so rarely!
11. Who is your favorite artist/band?
I really like Mika. His songs are so upbeat and fun to sing to. But I like almost any kind of music as long as the specific song sounds good.

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  1. Thank you so much for answering my questions, I really like your answer to the last question because that is my answer too! And I also thought that living in a tropical area would be awesome but then I remembered my skin burns so easily and I would waste half my time full of anxiety about bathing suits.
    Oh you had asked me if many people are surprised that I don't have a traumatic experience in my past to tie into my ED and the answer is yes. Most people who know about my ED think I have been magically curred and that is all in my past because I am at a normal weight right now, including my family. My husband was sure I was hiding the "real" reason for my ED and I think he still kind of thinks that way. I always explain that genetics loaded the gun and life experiences pulled the trigger.


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