Sunday, December 30, 2012

Failure that was Christmas

If you're like me you had a fun Christmas but a horrible one in terms of behaviors. 
I tried so hard not to binge! 
We went to a relative's house for the holidays and of course there was tons of food. Plus the added stress of being around lots of relatives and trying to do all sorts of things at once. I threw up about three times every day after feeling pressured into eating, even though I was perpetually worried that someone would hear me. The bathroom at my relative's house doesn't have a lock on it either, so anyone could have come into the bathroom and seen me. 
But that didn't happen. And I was able to enjoy the holidays despite having no voice whatsoever. 
By the time I got home, I had gained merely two pounds (I always expect five), so to me the throwing up did pay off. And now I can hopefully start anew and try to eat less and not throw up. 


  1. We should all make a resolution that 2013 will be a purge free year, and once the purging stops binging will slowly disappear too.
    I never survived any holidays or any kind of celebration without purging, I don't want to restrict because then its not the same, you cant enjoy holidays like everyone else does, so I always forgive myself and don't take it too hard because after that I completely avoid it again, as much as I can..
    2 pounds are actually great, some people I know gain as much as 10-12 pounds in these three days..:)

  2. I gained two too! I was expecting more however I can not seem to snap out of the holiday mode now and keep eating! Grrrrr. I want a purge free year too but I arent convinced I am strong enough. Keep up the good work lovely one xx

  3. I can relate Emily
    Purging featured regularly over my Christmas too
    Although I have no idea what my weight is as there is no scale here
    Maybe I am better off not knowing x


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