Friday, December 7, 2012


The EAT 40 (eating attitude test) is a psych test that sort of gives you a quick analysis of your eating habits. It's meant to test whether or not someone is at risk for an eating disorder.
I thought it would be interesting to see what my scores was, so I took the long version, which has 40 questions. 
My score was a 33, which means that I was just barely in the range that qualified me to get the warning to see a health professional. I guess that's good? 
Anyway, here's a link if you're interested.


  1. I tried this and I got a "High risk evaluation" thing but everything else said that I was normal.
    My name is Camille by the way, and I suffer from Anorexia.
    Love your blog. Take care. Xxx

  2. I tried it and got 42. I don't understand how they score it though!

  3. I HATE these stupid tests they do. They do one for anxiety and depression too! Its a quick way to see if your important or not and give you a quick label. xx

  4. I know you wrote in a post recently about what you would like from parents in terms of support and that reminded me of a therapy approach called the maudsley method. It sounds horrible to me, it puts the parent in control of what the child eats and how much. Like mom would plan a 1800 calorie diet plan, prepare all meals and snacks and make the child eat all of the food. It is designed to be used on patients living with smeone else, I guess a spouse would work too. I think it would backfire in practice on more patients than it would help, and cause a strain on the relationship.
    I think the patient needs to be control of their health.


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