Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Laws of Attraction

Not having a boyfriend means going out into the world with my prettiest face forward and trying to find someone else to love.
The problem: I thought my ex was the sexiest man on the planet. It was great when we were together, because I had the BMOC in my hand, and I proudly showed him off to everyone we met.
Now, I have pimples all over my face and I’ve gained 10 pounds. I wasn’t that pretty before, and now I'm a definite uglybutt.
I know that I will never attract a man of my ex’s caliber ever again. No one that sexy, that popular, will ever find me attractive. I accepted that as soon as I started to date him. And I held on to him tightly.
But now I can’t date someone worse than him. No one can ever date downwards and have it last. The way to get over someone is to find someone better, not just anybody.
There are two guys that like me right now. Both of them are very nice. Both have bright futures, and both are older than me. One of them is even blonde with blue eyes! But neither of them lives up to my ex.
I’d be lucky to snag either one, what with my attractiveness level. But I just can’t be attracted to them when I’ve had better.
You can try and tell me I’m an awful person for not giving them chances, but would you ever date someone if you thought your ex was better than them? You can’t control attraction, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It might just mean you’re in for disappointment. Or that you'll be alone for a looooooong time. 


  1. you are not definite uglybutt now Emily
    no i definitely understand you when you say that you can't control attraction. to be honest, love, God knows what He has planned for you. you might just end up with someone better than the ex - if one is good, then there is always someone that is better. just take care of yourself for now and hope that all just pans out - right now, i do recommend that you remember that the most important person right now is you. boys. girls. whatever it is - someone will come along. i don't believe that one can go looking for relationships - just that one could do their best to play with their obstacles at hand right now and hope that someone does eventually come along.
    then again, i'm a strange butterfly. i don't mind being attached or single. it's just the way i am. if i am attached, it has its advantages and disadvantages. if i'm single, well then it also has its advantages and disadvantages. that's just how i look at things.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Agreed with Sam-darling. She's stealing my comments again :D... only add to that is that it sounds like even if you started a relationship right now, I'm not so sure it would turn out to be a healthy one if you're looking for a substitute for your ex.
    Don't worry, things will work out!

    (and I modified a little my blog, now the background is not seethrough, so welcome to you too :) - thanks for stopping by and saying it because not too many people would dare)
    Take care and see you around! <3

  3. There's nothing wrong with wanting to date someone you're actually attracted to, or having high standards. It's completely up to you, and you shouldn't have to settle for less than you want.
    As the other girls have said though, maybe it wouldn't hurt to be single for a while. You've just come out of a lengthy relationship, plus a short one. I don't know. I just wonder if you might enjoy being single for a while, and learning more about yourself, though I know it's different for everyone. Either way, when the time's right, you'll find someone.


    1. Bella said everything I was thinking. You are young and away at school browse for a while. You deserve the full package someone smart, funny , and who makes your heart race. Don't settle just because you feel low right now, you will regret it, believe me.

  4. I think you really sell yourself short when you say that he was the best looking guy and you'll never get anyone that attractive again. I remember a guy I was seeing once that said to me, "You're an 8 just by how you look, but you could be a 10 if you were more confident in yourself." I realized that you know, I could be in my sweats going to class looking like a bum, but I can be absolutely beautiful if I go in believing in myself. I think you need to remember that. Be confident in the person you are. Hold that head high. You're intelligent, kind, and I'm positive beautiful.


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