Sunday, August 3, 2014

Forever Alone

I will be forever alone. I know this because I am ugly and crazy. I didn’t used to be crazy, but now I am. I’m needy and bitchy and passive aggressive. I don’t know how I became like this. Maybe Robert was exactly what I needed to be sane. If that’s the case, then I’ll be alone forever because I dumped him already and I don’t look back.
Most people meet their future husband or spouse in college. WELL I’M GOING TO BE A SENIOR AND SO FAR I HAVE YET TO MEET MY FUTURE SPOUSE. Actually, I don’t know if I’ve met him, but I certainly haven’t dated him, and I think that’s the implication. After college, where am I going to meet people? I don’t get dates from swing dances or salsa dances really, I can’t date someone in my singing group, and I can’t date someone from where I work. I could go to a dating site, but I haven’t really had success with that so far. There’s a reason people are on dating sites. Nothing wrong with most of them, but I’m just not attracted to them. And they should stay well away from me because I’m fucking insane.
I don’t want to be alone. I’d die before I ended up alone. 


  1. You won't be alone! It takes time to find the right person, that will love you for your craziness : )
    I am in my 20s, still in college, but most of my friends are 27-early thirties and there still single! and have graduated, some of them have boyfriends or girlfriends now and they met them outside of college, just through friends, or parties or going out, idk a variety of ways!
    You'll meet someone when you least expect it.
    : ) <3

  2. Crazy is good! And don't knock internet dating - I met my boyfriend of three years (yes we are practically married!) on a free dating site but'd be wise to avoid anyone who doesn't have a profile pick or lists "watch TV" as hobby ;) x

  3. I was 28 before I met my boyfriend/fiancé. I had settled for a life alone, because who the fuck would want to be with a fat, short-arsed, crazy aspie freak like me?

  4. Hey stranger. Listen, a lot of us go through a slutty man eater phase. I had one and I'm not proud of it but I learned a lot about the darker side of myself and then what I hoped to be you can't beat yourself up. Lots of love sunshine. Good to have you back

  5. Look, you are not going to be alone forever.. You will find the right one when it's time for it. Until then chill... Enjoy being "slutty" and have fun..
    As much as I love my husband and my family, I miss my slutty days lol.. So stop being so hard on your self and just have some fun. *hugs*


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