Saturday, August 2, 2014

Why I Am a Horrible Person Today

1.     I cheated on Nate
2.     I broke up with Devyn to sleep with his best friend
3.     I lied to my friend about all this
4.     I’m needy
5.     I manipulate people
6.     I want to hurt Chris. I take pleasure in making him feel bad
7.     I steal food from my parents
8.     I eat it without regard to how much is left for others
9.     I complain constantly
10. I lead people on intentionally
11. I am self-centered and narcissistic


  1. You are most definitely not a horrible person, today or any other day. You are you, unique and wonderful, but suffering from a dreadful illness. Be gentle and kind to yourself, you deserve so much better. I'm so glad you're back writing again. Missed you loads! Take care of yourself! Sending you much love x

  2. You made a few mistakes. I'm pretty sure we all have? We all lie and cheat sometimes *looks at politicians* some ALL the time. Sometimes we are cruel to others to make ourselves feel better. But fortunately our past doesn't dictate who are. I think maybe you need to learn to love yourself and see the good you've done. At least you acknowledge your faults which is a strength in itself. xx

  3. Just ran across your blog! Read back a little bit, it's great to see that you're in recovery! I myself am at your same place, of trying to be healthy and focus on myself for a little bit, and I as well just started blogging again recently.

    I'm going to follow as I LOVE reading blogs of people in the same process as I am.
    Best of luck to you <3


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