Monday, August 25, 2014

Foursome Quest Suceeded

I did it! I can't believe it but I did it. 
The whole experience was so... full of sensations. 
We put on 70s porn music and started kissing each other. That is, after about an hour of drinking and another hour of just sitting in the room discussing random topics. I was too nervous to start anything because I didn't know what the heck to do, so we waited until Marius started making out with his girlfriend, and then I joined them on the couch. Our clothes were all still on at this point, so we were just making out with each other and kissing each other on the neck. Eventually the girls' clothes came off and Cosette and I started caressing each other.
Let me say this: It feels no different to kiss a girl than to kiss a guy. However, a girl's body feels amazing. Cosette was soft and smooth and had beautiful curves that you could run your hands up and down and explore. Girls are fun. 
We were all in a clump on the couch, music blasting away in the background at 3 AM, each person touching someone else and being touched by someone else. 
Eventually the guys stood up and watched as Cosette and I got frisky with each other. 
This is one thing about group sex I didn't anticipate. You have to look good. When you're with just one other person it doesn't matter how you look from the ceiling as long as you're pleasing in a physical way. But in this scenario you have to please your partner and anyone else on the sidelines who wants to be aroused by your intercourse. I think I look goddamn silly, to be honest. But Cosette looks great, so it all worked out. 
We split up into couples. I kind of let nerves get the better of me and didn't really give it my best, although it seemed like people were still having fun. We switched around. I flopped around like a fish a lot. I felt bad because it seemed like the guys couldn't keep it up for me and I didn't want to do anything wrong so of course I acted awkward which was the absolute worst thing to do. It was worse with Marius because I'd never done anything with him before. When Chris came over I felt more at ease. Each time I could hear Cosette on the other side of the room making her high-pitched sex noises. 
Eventually we wound down as the sun came up. 
The entire experience actually felt healthy. I felt like I was in it fully with three other people and we were all participating for each other. 
Afterwards Chris walked me back to my suite and he asked me if it was ok if he pursued sex with Cosette on a regular basis. I said sure, because we aren't in a relationship, but it actually does bug me. It bugs me because it means he had a better time with her than me, it means he thinks she's better at sex than I am, and it means that he wants to be with her instead of me. Not at the same time, instead of. That hurts my feelings. It's like we all went on a road trip and they left me at a rest stop and forgot about me. 
Oh well. He can do what he wants. I had a lot of fun anyway, and I think all of us said we'd do it again someday. 


  1. Wow! Congratulations? I think you just worried too much you know? If you guys do it again just relax and stop thinking about who wants to bang who more. Maybe she is sexy, but I'm sure it's because she didn't care as much and just went with it. It was your first time and firsts are pretty much awkward more often than not. Next time you'll understand eveyrone's mechanics a little more and they'll understand you and then you can be more comfortable. Also, when I kissed a girl I thought it was better than kissing a guy, but I think it's because girls understand more of what girls want, but only my opinion.

  2. Wow, that's amazing! I'm amazed by you! I've always thought I'd want to try sex with more than one person at a time, but I'm now in a committed relationship & that won't work for me.
    Imagining sex with another beautiful woman and a man excites me and is definitely a turn on. But with my boyfriend who I'm hoping will be my husband one day, thinking about that makes me want to throw up and hide in a corner. I can't imagine the thought of him touching someone else, even if i'm there.

    I'm so jealous of your experience, and i'm sure it will be better next time! Just focus on yourself and your experience, you shouldn't be doing it for anyone but yourself so your pleasure should be your main focus.


  3. Wow how exciting. I am glad that you enjoyed your experience. I'm sorry to hear that Chris wanted to continue sex with her. I would be totally bothered by that, but you need to do what makes you comfortable.

  4. You go girl! Love the 70s porno music, haha. I'm glad you had fun and managed to tick something off your bucket list, especially on such short notice.
    That's always the bummer for me with group stuff, I get worried that they'll think the other girl's sexier or better and want her instead of me. Which sucks, because apart from that sex is the only time I feel confident and free, even with the ED.


  5. Yay for you then :) glad you had a good time
    O_O 70s porno music? what's that?
    Think you should tell Chris if it's bothering you.



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