Monday, August 18, 2014

Goals of the Week 3

Happy Monday! 
Last week my goal was to not purge until acapella rehearsal. Well, I purged once. But only once, which is a dramatic increase from the rest of the summer. So I think I did pretty well considering. 
My goal this week shall be to get up every single day at 7 AM. 
The point of getting up so early is so I can exercise before classes, but I won't make that part of the goal. Baby steps. 
What are your goals and how did you do with the ones last week? 

Orientation started this morning. I felt so out of my depth. But it will be okay. 


  1. I did great with my goals of walking my dogs more, I walked them almost every day, and even made it to the pet store to get my large dog Kodie a harness, because he's absolutely awful and pulls so bad on a leash, and him begin big and myself so small he really drags me around when he wants to.

    I think my goal for this week shall be not food related again, and to quit nagging my boyfriend because we've been having so many problems, just stay out of his way and let him have his space so we can get back to happy and normal.
    Seems pretty realistic to me.
    : ) <3

  2. Only purging once is fantastic! Well done sweetie.
    Well, I finished my skirts, so I achieved last week's goal. I don't think I'm going to set any this week, I just need to stress less.
    Good luck with your goal this week. I've always been an early bird, I really appreciate the quietness of the world in the early hours.


  3. Only purging once is amazing. GL with this weeks goals hon :)


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