Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Bulimia...

It’s funny to think that they traits in me that caused my bulimia also gave me positive qualities. I mean, bulimia is a black, vile disease, so it can’t come from anything good, right?
Let’s see…
Modesty comes from my low self-esteem
Faithfulness can become unwillingness to change
Perseverance to do work becomes perseverance to lose weight at all costs.
Realism means realistically I won’t overcome this anytime soon.
From Childlike personality springs need to be childlike in figure.

If I recover from bulimia, do I need to change those traits? If I don’t change those traits, will I recover? 


  1. There is a silver lining to every cloud Emily.
    Drug addiction and anorexia/bulimia took so much from me but they also gave me strength, faith and unwavering hope.
    Hang on to what your bulimia has taught you x

    1. Thanks. I won't deny that bulimia has taught me some valuable lessons.


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