Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vegetables are Important Too

To be honest, I don't have much respect for the nutritionist that's part of the CBT study I'm in. I met her at my treatment place and it didn't seem like she knew what she was doing. 
As part of the treatment and now as part of the study, we are encouraged not to count calories but exchanges. Exchanges are different food groups, so you have a certain number of food groups you have to eat in a day and you get the freedom to pick what you want to eat in those food groups. 
When I first started treatment I was determined to follow the meal plan that I was given, because I wanted to get better. I was given a 1600 calorie meal plan with a certain number of exchanges, which I followed. I lost about 2 pounds because I stopped binging for a week. 
Then the nutritionist, seeing that I was losing weight, decided to bump me up to 2000 calories. 
I automatically had a problem with that because on caloriecount it says that someone my size uses 1600 calories a day, which means that a 2000 cal diet would cause me to GAIN weight. 
But the nutritionist raised my calorie intake in such a nonchalant way that I couldn't trust anything she was telling me to do. She said "ok, we might as well give you another starch, because they're just easier to eat."
What? You're supposed to be giving me the healthiest diet for my body, not giving me something that's easiest to eat! I didn't want another starch!
In addition, the nutritionist refused to put vegetables on my meal plan. I thought vegetables were an important part of a healthy diet?? I can understand if she told me to eat less veggies than I was at the time, but to eliminate them altogether? 
I asked her if I could replace a starch with a 5 vegetables (the equivalent of a starch in calories) so that I wouldn't feel like I was going over my calorie limit. She said no. 
So I have not respect for her, because she has no respect for vegetables. 


  1. That is the most stupid advise from a "nutritionist" that I have ever heard..Cut out veggies? Isn't that the healthiest you can eat, especially if you are trying to eat healthy after a period of disordered eating. I would never listen to her and 2000 instead of 1600 calories. 1600 is perfectly fine, and btw that's my Maintain weight calories..Its not just about eating or things that are easy to eat, its about your body and what it needs, vitamins and minerals..Clearly she has no idea...I wouldn't respect her either

  2. I laughed at your last sentence! She seems a bit insane in my point of view. So what are you going to do bout your meal plan?

    And bout me going to ireland, they didn't say they refused me because I was brzilian. They gve different resons to me, my boyfriend, my friends who called. Truly, they had no reason. So yes, it's because I'm brazilin. My boyfriend's swiss and he had no trouble at all.

  3. Weight watchers has a good plan to live by. Ive been doing it since 2006. Ive lost weight and learned how to eat properly. Yes I slip every now and then but once I refocus myself I go back to their plan. Check it out.


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