Monday, October 29, 2012

Goals of the week 16

My goal last week was to not eat unless I was hungry. Although I didn't do that at all this week, I did stop binging so much. My goal for this week is to use thought restructuring and implement an alternative behavior every time I want to binge. If the restructuring and the alt behavior don't prevent a binge, oh well. But I need to try. And I can record it all on this blog or on the study website.

My goal was to not weigh myself. I didn't do this one either. I'm going to try it again. I will not weigh myself this week. 
I was doing so well two weeks ago. Where did it all go?

What are your goals for the week?


  1. My goal for this week was to eat three meals and two snacks every day and of course keep them down.
    Unfortunately I an failing miserably.
    I'm restricting and over exercising and generally doing everything ass backwards.

    Good luck with your goals x

  2. I will join you with not weighing myself goal :) best of luck


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