Friday, October 19, 2012

Nice Things My Therapist Does

A lot of us have therapists. A lot of us have had more than one therapist. So far I’ve had 4, and although they were all really nice, some I respect and like more than others. I think one of the most heart-melting things is when a therapist goes out of her way to do something for you. For example, one of my therapists over the summer had classes all day (you do them periodically to keep up with treatments and stuff) but she drove back to her office just to meet with me. That really made me appreciate her, because she was willing to take an extra step to treat me. The therapist I have now I only meet with online, but she took the time to respond to every single post I made about automatic thoughts. I’ve met her in person in outpatient treatment over the summer, so I know how busy she is, and I think it was really telling that she put in extra work for me.
            I guess people who do therapy should want to take those extra steps because that’s why they went into therapy, but not everyone does.
            Do you have any stories about nice things your therapist did for you? I’d like to hear them. J


  1. Wow... That is really nice of both of them. I actually don't see a therapist but that is something to think about if I ever do have one.
    I hope your day goes well sweetie <3

  2. I have seen my fair share of therapists over the years, ranging from the weird to the wonderful. My therapist at the moment is the best one yet. She helps me so much with not just my eating disorder but with life. She has an answer and an explanation for everything and she always sees the positive. I am blesses to have her in my life.

    Hope you're well Emily x


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