Friday, October 12, 2012

Thought Errors

In the study I'm participating in we did a module on thought errors. I'm going to share the most common ones. 

All-or-nothing thinking- If something goes a little bit wrong, it has to go ALL the way wrong. If you can't do something perfectly you shouldn't try to do it at all.
Ex. I binged today, so I might as well binge again

Blaming- shifting responsibility for your own behavior onto someone else.
Ex. My boyfriend didn't stop me from binging, so it's his fault. 

Overgeneralizing- something turned out badly once, so it must turn out badly every time
Ex. when I didn't purge I gained weight, so I will continuously gain weight if I stop purging.

Selective Thinking- concentrating on your weaknesses regardless of your strengths, your mistakes versus your triumphs
Ex. I hate myself because I can't stop binging, even though I'm doing well in so many other areas

Personal Ineffectiveness- thinking you can't do anything to change the situation
Ex. I've tried to stop binging but I can't. I just can't do anything to change it. 

Double Standard- having one standard for self, but a lower standard for the rest of society.
Ex. I'm ugly and fat but that girl that's 200 pounds? So what if she's overweight? She looks fine.
(one way this could be corrected is thinking the overweight girl is ugly. That is opposite from way it's supposed to go)


  1. Oh my list would be endless I guess. I do so many mistakes, feel guilty afterwards and do it again, as soon as I get the chance. But I usually don't support double standards, at least that's something good about me. Sorry for the binge -or was it just an example :)

  2. I do all of those things! OMG. Well, I guess we should try to change those things for our own good, no? Very interesting post!

  3. I remember doing this in treatment and I use all those behaviours.
    It's amazing how we all do the same thing and have the same thinking.

    I hope you are getting something out of the study x

  4. Dude, this is all so true. I particularly hate the shifting blame thing. It is the one thing I won't do. As a child everyone always commented on my sister doing this and as a result I refuse to blame anyone for anything and take it on as my fault. Which is also stupid. Fuck sakes... where was I going with this comment. Anyway, Emily, you are beautiful and strong. Please stay that way :D Xo


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