Monday, June 17, 2013

Goals of the Week 47

My goal for last week was to keep my calories under 2000 as many days as possible. That didn't happen, but I managed not to binge for 4 days. It's just that my job keeps me active so I ate over 2000 calories. This week my goal will be 5 days without. Hopefully all in a row so I can finally see some results on the scale. 
My non b/p goal was to make mini goals. And I did that for most of the week. But I missed a couple days because I waited to make the goals until 1 AM, and then I was too tired. So my goal for this week is to make the goals by 10 PM. That way they'll be sure to get done. 

What are your goals? 


  1. I keep ruining my goals. But recently, I watched an infomercial about insanity again. It's haunting me. I want to do it so bad! I have it. I'm just scared that I will get sick working 2 jobs and working out crazily 6 days a week.

    I guess my goal is to just post my intakes as they happen... lets see how that goes.

  2. To eat more vegetables and green things and go run every day. I need to kick training up a notch.

  3. i love how you have such realistic goals.
    yesss :)
    that's so interesting.

    hmmmm i have no idea. i'm trying to focus on my writing - even if it's fanfiction, to distract me from the depressive thoughts i get. <3

    -Sam Lupin

  4. I love that you keep up with setting goals every week, and that you keep track of your progress on them.

    My main goals for this week are to:
    - Eat all 5 of my pre-planned meals, for better and/or for worse.
    - Finish making my coat, or at least get it 90% done.


  5. You really inspire me :) GL with this weeks goals..

    Mine is (yet again) to practice portion control, and get my eating under control.


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