Friday, June 28, 2013

The Rest is Still Unwritten

In group therapy we were asked to think of a title for the book of our life, and what chapter we would be in.
The girls came up with really deep, creative answers that revealed a lot about how they thought about their illnesses. There were titles like "Survivor" and "Fighting to the end of the Tunnel," which show just how dedicated to recovery these people are. I admire that. 
I thought my title was stupid by comparison, and I made the mistake of mentioning that to the room. They all immediately told me I was being stupid and I felt bad for "fishing for compliments." I didn't mean to!

But anyway, 
the title of my book is :
The Ordinary Adventures of Emily Anonymous

I chose that title because it sounds quirky. Because I feel like my life is happy but mundane. I don't do anything really really interesting, and I'm a mundane kind of person. The Anonymous is about the fact that I don't like revealing my identity- to anyone. Even people that know me don't know a lot about me because I like to hide parts of myself and learn about others instead. 

I envisioned the book as a children's book, with one line per page, and big illustrations adding meaning to the text. Simple, quiet, happy. 

My chapter is called:
Emily Smiles in Therapy, Again

I intended for it to be ironic, like I was smiling through therapy in order to cut off my feelings, but people took it to mean the opposite, and then they all complimented me on coming up with an idea for a book that makes therapy okay for kids. 
It's actually a good idea. 

What is your life book called? What chapter are you in?


  1. I love that title! Very quirky, and I don't think it's stupid at all.

    My book would be called 'Too Much, Not Enough', because I suck at coming up with titles and that one just seems to fit.
    I'm in the chapter 'The Descent', wondering how many chapters are left.


  2. I think mine would be "Stagger" with the subtext/tagline "Try not to fall". Sounds dramatic, but poignant. Hmm, the chapter...."Coasting" because that's what I feel like I'm doing. In the words of Jack Sparrow, I like to wave to my opportunities as they pass me by.

  3. I think my tittle would be "Something Missing" because as far back as I can remember I have felt that something is missing in my life, I'm just not sure what it is.  Right now the chapter I am in is
    Slang: to make efforts that maintain but do not further one's stasus, progress, or performance.


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